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Who We Are

PROSHARE Nigeria, founded in December 2006 as a niche news and analysis service has since grown to become Nigeria's No#1 Financial Information Hub; with key focus on markets, business, personal finance, economy, start-ups, technology and regulation.

Its remit and key proposition is the delivery of a service that is credible, reliable and timely.

Proshare's strength lies in its professional expertise, integrated approach, dedication to fact-based interventions and a commitment to subscriber/user engagements.

This attributes have been acknowledged by both the local and international community, sometimes through multiple awards received which include the "Best Capital Markets Solutions Team - Nigeria 2014", the Nigeria-British Chamber of Commerce (NBBC) Rising Star Award for 2014 and the International Finance Magazine (IFM) "Most Innovative Capital Market Service Team, Nigeria 2015"; amongst others.

Proshare is much more than a website; it is a standard bearer for the local investment data and information market; and our corporate governance pillars reinforce our raison d'etre.

Why Proshare ?

Simply put, we help individuals answer the question - "Where's the best place to get credible and reliable financial data and information to aid my investment goals?"

As the financial and economic landscape go through rapid changes; as news cycles and technology shelf-life gets shorter;the need for a service that bridges the gaps between the government, market stakeholders, service providers and the individual or corporate entity becomes more important than before.

Given its history, access, scope of coverage and professional commitment of its people, Proshare remains the preferred choice in the fast growing Nigerian market place as people find it easier to #AskProshare.

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